How to Conduct a Food Security Assessment: A Step-by-Step Guide for National Societies in Africa

Manual and Guideline
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Who is this guide for?

In 2003 the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies adopted the Policy on
Food Security and Nutrition in which it encouraged National Societies to conduct food security assessments. This guide is intended for National Society staff and volunteers in Africa who want to undertake food security assessments, but have no background knowledge on food security or assessments.

When to use this guide

A food security assessment may be required when living conditions in an area/country change, and it is expected that communities are becoming vulnerable and/or are no longer able to meet their nutritional needs. This can arise prior to or during a sudden hazard or when generally the situation becomes alarming slowly but consistently; including in case of drought, floods, locust infestation, outbreak of conflict/war, influx of refugees and the HIV/AIDS pandemic.