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House of Commons International Development Committee: Tackling violence against aid workers: Government response to the Committee’s Fourteenth Report - Fifteenth Special Report of Session, 2017–19

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Executive Summary

This report contains the Government’s responses to the IDC recommendations given in the ‘Violence Against Aid Workers’ report. The IDC report provided 10 final points in the ‘conclusion and recommendation section’, of which only 8 are distinct recommendations.
In summary, we fully agree with 5 recommendations, partially agree with 3 and disagree with 0. All recommendations addressed are accepted or partially accepted.

The UK Government wishes to thank the IDC for its timely and clear report following its thorough and thoughtful inquiry. The report states that its conclusions and recommendations should be considered as interim and that once the IDC has received the Government’s reply—and any other feedback invited—they will consider what further evidence-gathering and other steps are merited. The UK Government stands ready to engage fully with any further process or updated report on this important topic.

The UK Government is firmly committed to reducing violence against aid workers and strongly condemns the targeting of humanitarian and development workers who are giving lifesaving support to vulnerable people. We put on record once more our thanks to all the brave aid workers, medics and other staff who work on the frontline to save lives delivering aid around the world. The Department for International Development (DFID) provides direct funding to organisations improving security and risk management of aid workers. We will continue to do all we can to protect our staff and our partners in the most efficient and effective way