Handbook for volcanic risk management - Prevention, crisis management, resilience

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The handbook is produced by MIAVITA project team. MIAVITA (Mitigate and Assess risk from Volcanic Impact on Terrain and human Activities) is a 50-months project financed by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development, Area “Environment”.

The handbook is mainly addressed to civil protection stakeholders, scientists and all the Institutions/people that deal with the management of volcanic crisis. It is divided into 6 main sections and takes into account the socio-economic, cultural and agricultural aspects, as well as cost effective monitoring, preparedness and management of volcanic crisis. It is particularly oriented towards developing countries, but it contains useful insights for developed countries, too.

The handbook has been designed to be easily consulted and provide quick answers for each topic, using a clear and non-technical language although, sometimes, scientific terminologies are required. The work is based on current scientific research and the shared experience of the different partners as well as on international good practices previously recommended.