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Guidelines for Establishing Hotlines to Support Survivors of Gender-based Violence

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The purpose of this guide is to bring together relevant standards, information, and regional experiences to support the planning and operation of GBV Hotlines. It is not intended to be a comprehensive reference for GBV case management, but rather to highlight how the process of implementing GBV response services through a hotline differs from onsite GBV response. Hotline planning requires thinking through a number of elements from a new perspective, including use of technology, documentation and data protection, and staff training and support. This guide therefore aims to raise issues and questions to be considered by those planning and implementing GBV hotlines.

Within the wide range of sociopolitical, physical, and cultural contexts in the Asia and Pacific Region, each hotline must be formulated to fit local needs, but the steps in establishing the service follow the logical flow illustrated below. While some steps may proceed concurrently, information gathered and decisions made as part of the first four steps will inform how the remaining steps are structured and implemented.