Guide to Good Practice (June 2021): Recommendations based on the views of children and young people to professionals involved in international child abductions



International child abduction

An international child abduction occurs when one parent takes or keeps the child abroad without consent of the other parent. This situation confronts children, young people and families with stressful, difficult and sensitive issues. Conflict, separation, being excluded from significant decisions, being confronted with the justice system and having to (re)integrate in a new environment pose great challenges for children and young people affected.

Role of professional

To minimise harm and maximise wellbeing for children, young people and their families throughout all phases of an abduction process, rights-respecting responses from professionals and authorities are crucial. This Guide presents recommendations for good practice to all adults involved in child abduction proceedings. The recommendations are insightful not only on how adults can accommodate and reduce children and young people’s vulnerability, but also how they can recognise and strengthen agency in matters affecting abducted children.