Guidance note on responding to sexual violence against males and engaging men and boys in preventing sexual and gender-based violence - September 2018

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Men and boys may experience sexual violence during humanitarian crises—particularly when a crisis includes armed conflict, detention, and/or torture. Sexual violence perpetrated against males is used to cause harm to men or boys, and may be used as a means to demonstrate male dominance and to diminish the masculinity of the victim.

This guidance note raises awareness on violence that is perpetrated against men and boys as well as offers direction for UNHCR and partner protection staff, gender and GBV focal persons, community representatives, and other concerned parties working in the Ethiopia context, on how to engage men and boys in SGVB prevention efforts. Secondly, the meaningful engagement of men and boys in community discussions, meetings, awareness raising interventions, and mass and mini campaigns are key components for achieving real change. Effective interventions should address power imbalances between genders and harmful attitudes that accept, normalize, and perpetuate patterns of violence against women and girls, as well as men and boys.

Recommendations are based on global guidance documents and local best practices contributed by CP/SGBV Sub Working Group members.