Grand Bargain Localisation Workstream: Guidance note on arrangements between donors and intermediaries (May 2020)

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Guidance note on ways that the arrangements between donors and international intermediaries can promote Grand Bargain localisation goals

This guidance note is intended to provide guidance as to how arrangements1 between donors, and UN agencies, INGOs and other international humanitarian organisations (referred to here as “international intermediaries”), can further the Grand Bargain’s localisation goals in cases where direct arrangements between donors and local actors2 are not practicable.

It arises from the awareness that, even upon success with the Grand Bargain’s goal to significantly increase direct funding to local actors, much of the international funding available to them in the medium term will still be channelled through at least one intermediary. It collates ideas and best practice that have arisen from the Grand Bargain Localisation Workstream’s “demonstrator country missions” in 2018-19, regional conferences in Africa, the Middle East and Asia Pacific held in 2019, and recent localisation research projects.

This guidance note is a product of the Grand Bargain Localisation Workstream but does not necessarily represent the official position of individual Workstream members or co-conveners.