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July and August saw the finalization of the Grand Bargain Annual Meeting 2019 outcome document. It bears witness to the renewed energy that was expressed by the Signatories on 27 June 2019 in Geneva. You identified a number of collective and individual actions you are willing to take to move forward with the ambitious commitments you signed up for in 2016, demonstrating confidence and determination to achieve further progress.
The Grand Bargain is continuing full speed ahead in autumn. As you'll see below, workstream 9 finalized the harmonized reporting (8+3) template, which is now ready for roll-out. Some donors and UN agencies have committed to do so already, but more Signatories need to adopt the template in order to achieve the collective progress that the Grand Bargain intends to achieve. Workstreams 7&8 just concluded an important workshop to move forward with enhanced quality funding through reduced earmarking, multi-year planning and funding. Workstream 2 held their last of the three regional events to understand better the national and regional experiences of localisation, and are preparing for their global conference in October.

Finally, following a mapping exercise on overlapping priorities and in an effort to strengthen collaboration between the IASC and the Grand Bargain initiative, OCHA, as the current Chair of the Facilitation Group (FG), represented the FG in the Results Group Co-chair meeting on 10 September 2019 to discuss how to strengthen the linkages between the Results Groups and the work of the workstreams. You'll find further updates from the workstreams and upcoming activities below.

Last but not least, as the FG 2018/19 finishes its mandate at the end of September, we would like to take this opportunity to thank Sweden, USA, OCHA, UNICEF, IFRC, and InterAction for their significant investments and relentless efforts over the last year to steer the Grand Bargain and move forward with achieving more efficiency and effectiveness of the humanitarian system. We look forward to welcoming the new FG members in October 2019.

The Grand Bargain Secretariat