GPP Partner Agencies: Update on Activities – April 30, 2018

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A document outlining the connections between the SDGs and preparedness activities was developed and will be shared. An update of GPP progress since the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) was prepared and sent to the A4H secretariat as part of regular WHS reporting. An interim narrative report on GPP secretariat activities was prepared for Financial Core Partners. A V20 Ministry Representative Briefing Note on the GPP was developed to inform bilateral conversations with donor states. A PowerPoint presentation was developed outlining the GPP scoping process.

All public GPP documents are available on the ‘Agenda for Humanity’ (A4H) website, in the initiatives section - For any other documents, please contact the Secretariat for the Global Preparedness Partnership at this email -

Country status

The GPP secretariat met with UNDP Guatemala to discuss the GPP scoping process and requirements for an upcoming meeting between Government and UN and WB partners in country. Meetings were held in West Africa, including an online presentation to the regional Emergency Preparedness team on GPP scoping processes, and support provided to OCHA regional office in West Africa to plan for an inter-agency scoping mission in Ghana for mid-May. A meeting was held with the Resident Coordinator’s Office to discuss CADRI and GPP possible cooperation in Nepal. A meeting was held between UNDP, Australia Assist/RedR, and the GPP to discuss possible support for Pacific nations in the form of stand-by partner deployments to NDMAs to coordinate the GPP process.

25 countries applied for GPP support in October 2017. Some of these have been selected by the World Bank for support to scoping and diagnostic review processes, while other countries are taking the initiative to undertake the scoping process themselves, and approaching country based donors to support the next steps of the GPP in their context.

Resource Mobilisation

April 3 rd . A GPP Core Partner ‘plus’ resource mobilization meeting took place. Core partners, including several V20 member states agreed to a set of action points to intensify outreach to potential donors. As a follow up, the V20 national focal points of Barbados and Philippines held a meeting with the GPP secretariat to discuss a joint letter to donors and a possible meeting in the margins of the IMF/World Bank Spring meeting. The letter has been signed by Barbados and will be signed by Philippines. It was later agreed that due to the short preparation time, the GPP meeting should be postponed and held in concert with the V20 Ministerial Dialogue at the next IMF/World Bank annual meeting in Autumn 2018. Meanwhile a V20 Ministry Representative Briefing Note on the GPP was shared with V20 member states to brief representatives attending the IMF/World Bank Spring meeting.

The GPP secretariat met with the ECHO regional advisor for East Africa, and the ECHO regional advisor for West Africa to discuss potential support for GPP countries. The GPP secretariat met with the Canadian Mission in Geneva to discuss potentials for preparedness support. The OECD provided suggestions for donor outreach in a separate meeting with the GPP secretariat.

A UNDP internal meeting on GPP resource mobilisation was held, providing suggestions for action, and leading to UNDP’s BERA and CRU ASGs meeting to discuss the GPP and to provide support to resource mobilisation efforts. GPP secretariat met with UNDP Georgia to learn about their successful application to the Green Climate Fund on scaling-up multi-hazard early warning system and the use of climate information. This possibility for the GPP will be explored by the Secretariat.


The GPP secretariat met with the representatives of the Platform for Disaster Displacement to discuss areas of mutual collaboration. It was agreed that the PDD would review the World Band Ready to Respond diagnostic review tool, planned to be used and adapted by the GPP, in order to see where and how displacement could be included.

GPP Secretariat attended the IASC Emergency Response Preparedness meeting and the UN DRR focal point meeting. GPP Secretariat also attended a partner briefing on the papers on WHS initiatives. GPP secretariat also attended a Leading Edge Programme Workshop organized by OCHA. The purpose of the workshop was to meet with other networks and to begin identifying areas of common interest for the 2019 HNPW.

The GPP secretariat held a meeting with ICVA Bangkok to plan a webinar about the GPP for CSOs and NGOs based in Asian countries, and how to engage with their governments and other partners to influence the process from the outset. The webinar will be hosted by ICVA, and possibly ADPC and is planned to take place in late May.

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