Government ministers, policy makers, businesses and NGOs to participate in the leading humanitarian summit in London

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Government ministers, policy makers, businesses and NGOs to participate in the leading humanitarian summit in London

LONDON: One of the fastest growing humanitarian events – the World Humanitarian Form (WHF) – will bring together over 5,000 prominent leaders from both public and private sectors, pioneering aid, development, and international co-operation bodies including the UN and the EU at the Excel in London on April 15-16.

The WHF will focus on "Shaping the Future for a Better Tomorrow" with a special emphasis on youth (human capital), gender inequality, sustainable development, and new funding models. Key question addressed during the two days would be 'how can we meet the SGDs 2030?'

Across two days, attendees will engage with two inspirational conferences, three exhibitions, six thematic theatres and four side events.

The WHF is a call for action, explains Feraye Ozfescioglu, CEO, WHF. "More people than ever are affected by emergencies due to conflict and disaster. In 2019, over 134 million people in 42 countries are predicted to be in need of humanitarian aid. While, the need for humanitarian assistance if growing, we are witnessing a fall in funding. Last year, based on money committed to appeals from countries, the shortfall was of $11 billion! So, only 61 per cent of funding were met. We need urgent action. This Forum will not only discuss pertinent issues but also offer solutions on how we can meet the 2030 SDGs."

From Venezuela to Afghanistan, people are being displaced because of conflict and climate change. "While the increasing need for humanitarian and development assistance needs to be addressed, we also have to tackle the way these issues are being reported and covered. We also must find new partnership structures in a fast changing sector and see how technology could play a crucial role in offering solutions. We need to change the narrative – from aid to trade and investment. At the Forum we will unveil innovative technologies and new partnership structures that can energise the sector."

In its first edition, the forum welcomed 3,000 delegates and 300 high-level speakers including Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Cherie Blair CBE QC, UN Assistant Secretary General Toby Lanzer, European Commission Deputy Director-General for Education and Culture Jens Nymand Christensen, Director of Education Cannot Wait (ECW) Yasmine Sherif, and activist & philanthropist Noella Coursaris Musunka.

London is an ideal location to discuss new funding models for sustainable investment and development.

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