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Global Weather Hazards Summary: September 22 - 28, 2017

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River flooding and above-average rainfall continue in Nigeria and Sudan

Africa Weather Hazards

  1. Since early August, above-average seasonal rainfall caused flooding in some areas. With well above-average moisture conditions, additional rain in September may trigger flooding in parts of Senegal,
    The Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea, and Sierra Leone.

  2. Recent heavy rains have caused the Benue River in Nigeria to overflow its banks. Reports indicate that 100,000 people may have been displaced by flooding. Continued rainfall will keep rivers high.

  3. Heavy rainfall triggered flooding in Sudan during the last week. Both the Blue and White Nile rivers are effected, and a dam has reportedly broken along the White Nile.
    Although rainfall is expected to decrease throughout the region in early September, saturated ground conditions sustain the risk for additional flooding.

  4. Heavy rains along the Kenyan coast over the last 24 hours have caused flash flooding. Rainfall is expected to continue through early next week.