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Global Weather Hazards Summary: September 11 - 17, 2020


Continued heavy rainfall triggers widespread flooding in West and East Africa

  1. Desert locust swarms remain present across parts of Ethiopia, Kenya, South Sudan, Uganda, Somalia, Eritrea, and Yemen. Locust numbers are expected to increase in Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Yemen.

  2. Below-average rainfall since June has sustained dryness along the Gulf of Guinea region. Relief to moisture deficits is unlikely as the end of the rainy season nears.

  3. Heavy rainfall over the past week triggered flooding across parts of Senegal, Mali, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, and Ghana.
    Additional rainfall will maintain a high flood risk.

  4. Consistent rainfall over the past several weeks has caused the Awash River in Ethiopia to flood. Additional rainfall next week will maintain a high flood risk.

  5. Above-average rainfall since July has caused widespread flooding across Sudan. The additional forecast rainfall is likely to worsen conditions over many local areas.