Global Weather Hazards Summary: October 11-17, 2019

from Famine Early Warning System Network
Published on 10 Oct 2019 View Original

Southern Mauritania remains abnormally dry as heavy rainfall persists in several parts of Africa

  1. Southern Mauritania has been abnormally dry for the past three months. Recovery before the end of the season is unlikely.

  2. Flash flooding was reported in central Senegal last week. Continued heavy rainfall is likely to maintain high risk for flooding.

  3. Central Nigeria has experienced significant flooding over the past two weeks and remains at risk for continued flooding next week.

  4. Several parts of Sudan have experienced flooding this year. Flooding is likely to continue into next week.

  5. Flash flooding and heavy rainfall have been reported in parts of Ethiopia and Somalia. Next week heavy rainfall is likely to continue increasing the risk for flooding across Juba and the Shabelle rivers in Somalia.