Global Weather Hazards Summary: March 31 - April 6, 2017

from Famine Early Warning System Network
Published on 31 Mar 2017 View Original

Erratic and below-average rainfall continues in East Africa

Africa Weather Hazards

  1. Below-average and erratic rainfall since December has resulted in strong moisture deficits and degraded ground conditions across parts of northeastern Mozambique.

  2. Despite a robust increase in rainfall following the passage of Tropical Cyclone Enawo during early March, considerable long-term moisture deficits remain due to well below-average rains earlier in the season throughout northern Madagascar.

  3. Inconsistent rainfall and dry spells since late December have led to large moisture deficits and deteriorating ground conditions across many parts of western Angola.

  4. Below-average rainfall since early February has resulted in moderate to locally large moisture deficits in many parts of southern Kenya and northern Tanzania.

  5. Heavy rainfall is expected to elevate river levels and may trigger localized flooding over parts of Malawi, northern Mozambique, and southern Tanzania over the next week