Global Weather Hazards Summary: June 7 - 13, 2019

from Famine Early Warning System Network
Published on 06 Jun 2019 View Original

The Horn of Africa remains abnormally dry following poor March-May rain and a delayed onset to the season

  1. A delayed onset to the March-May rainfall season coupled with high temperatures has caused dryness in parts of Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, and Uganda.

  2. Below-average rainfall over the past two months have led to early-season deficits and abnormal dryness in Nigeria.

  3. Torrential rainfall during the past week has caused flash floods in Kampala, Uganda. Heavy rainfall is forecast to continue, maintaining high flood risk.

  4. A delayed start to monsoon rains has been marked by four consecutive weeks of below-normal rainfall and 25-50% of normal rainfall to date across Sierra Leone and Liberia.

  5. Heavy rainfall last week caused flooding in Accra, Ghana. Continued heavy rains next week maintain a high risk for flooding.

  6. Above-average sea-surface temperatures in the Indian Ocean are expected to strengthen Tropical cyclone development, which could impact parts of Somalia