Global Weather Hazards Summary: January 12 - 18, 2018

from Famine Early Warning System Network
Published on 11 Jan 2018 View Original

Heavy rainfall associated with Tropical Cyclone Ava causes flooding in Madagascar

Africa Weather Hazards

  1. Since November, rainfall has been belowaverage in South Africa.
    The early season abnormal dryness has expanded into several parts of southern and western Mozambique, Zimbabwe, eastern Botswana, and southern Zambia, where rainfall is forecast to be low during the middle of January.

  2. Although rainfall has increased in some areas of Madagascar since mid-November, the negative impacts of the delayed onset of the rainfall season is still present.
    Rainfall is below average in several western provinces of the island.

  3. Below-average rain during the past month has resulted in large moisture deficits and below-average vegetation conditions in northwestern Angola.

  4. In early January, the passage of Tropical Cyclone Ava resulted in flash floods and fatalities in Madagascar. Additional rainfall may trigger landslides in the higher elevations.

  5. High temperatures have accompanied abnormal dryness over southeastern Africa during the last several weeks. Aboveaverage temperatures and below-average rainfall during mid-January is expected.