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Global Weather Hazards Summary: February 12 - 18, 2016

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Africa Weather Hazards

  1. Significantly belowaverage and poorlydistributed seasonal rainfall since October has negatively affected many countries in southern Africa.
    Exacerbated by a poor rainfall seasonal performance last year, the several consecutive weeks of inadequate rainfall has already led to reduced water availability, delayed planting, permanently wilted crops, livestock deaths and other adverse ground conditions over many areas. Dwindling water in reservoirs is threatening to undermine power production. A severe drought is posted over portions of the Free State and North West Provinces of South Africa, as wilted and damaged crops have been observed. A severe drought has also been posted in Zimbabwe and central and southern Mozambique, where persistently large rainfall deficits have already destroyed more than 40% of crops.

  2. Heavy rainfall during the past several weeks has resulted in numerous fatalities as well as destroyed homes and infrastructure.
    Continuing heavy rainfall on already saturated ground is likely to cause inundation and swelling of streams and rivers in northern Mozambique and southern Tanzania along with elevated risks of mudslides in Madagascar.