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Global Weather Hazards Summary: December 11 - 18, 2014

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Despite heavy rains in localized areas, rainfall deficits persist in East and Southern Africa

Africa Weather Hazards

  1. Low and poorlydistributed seasonal Deyr rains have led to growing moisture deficits and deteriorated ground conditions throughout several local areas of southern Somalia, central Kenya, and coastal Tanzania. Recent rains have relieved dryness over most parts, but rainfall deficits remain in many local areas.

  2. Several weeks of infrequent and below-average rainfall have led to abnormal dryness throughout parts of eastern Zambia, northern Zimbabwe, western and central Mozambique, and southern Malawi. Rainfall is forcast to be below average during the next week, which will likely maintain dry conditions in the region.

  3. Despite an increase in rainfall over South Africa and eastern Botswana during late November, the northern and eastern parts of South Africa have continued to receive below-average rainfall since the beginning of October. This has delayed planting over many localized areas. However, heavy rains are forecast during the next week, likely helping to replenish soil moisture across the region.