Global WASH Cluster: Minimum Requirements for National Humanitarian WASH Coordination Platforms

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A practical framework for monitoring the core coordination functions and accountability to affected populations at the country level The Strategic Advisory Group of the Global WASH Cluster (GWC) has defined a set of Minimum Requirements (MRs) for country level coordination based on the IASC core functions for cluster coordination and commitments for accountability to affected populations (AAP).

The MRs are considered the basic package required to achieve effective WASH humanitarian coordination at the country level.

What are the Minimum Requirements for?

The Transformative Agenda strived to mainstream accountability into all levels of the cluster system and encourage the same in other sector platforms while at the same time ensuring that clusters avoid becoming overly process driven. In line with this, the MRs are designed to provide a light-approach mechanism to monitor WASH humanitarian platforms (clusters or sectors) at the country level, providing crucial insight into the needs for capacity building, training and global support.

At the country level, cluster coordinators and the CLA will use this information to highlight trends in cluster functionality as well as identifying specific core functions that need support. At the Global Level, the Cluster Advocacy and Support Team (CAST) of the GWC will utilize the monitoring of MRs to inform policy development, strategic planning and the design of field support to individual countries.