Global Shelter Cluster Information Management and Assessment Toolkit 2021

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The Information Management (IM) & Assessment (IMAS) toolkit has been developed for Shelter cluster coordinators, and information management officers at country level. Building on the work done in reference to information management and assessments in the GSC coordination toolkit (CTK), the purpose of the IMAS is to serve as one point of reference for information management and assessment tasks and activities in support to core coordination functions.

The aim of the IMAS toolkit is to:

  1. Save time by having editable examples.

  2. Inspire coordination teams and IMOs with guidance notes, standards, strategies, factsheets and Cluster related documentation relating to IM and assessments that they can adapt to their contexts to facilitate coordination.

  3. Standardise - within reason - the basic set of tools a Cluster could put in place to facilitate the coordination of the shelter response in country.

  4. Create a common understanding of information management and assessments by highlighting key resource documents.

  5. Provide a framework for IM and assessment processes.

The toolkit comes in two parts:

• This companion to the toolkit which introduces each section of the toolkit and related documents (with the author (or country of origin), date and a brief description).

• The documents themselves, which can be accessed from the GSC webpage, hyperlinks in this document, or the GSC IMAS toolkit dropbox.

Each document has been carefully selected for inclusion to keep the size of the toolkit to a minimum. Where possible, editable word or excel files have been used.

The documents that were chosen for the toolkit aim to represent the best examples available and should be used to inspire and be adapted by other clusters to their specific context. Although all contexts have their own specificities, having a starting point or a reference document will generally support drafting.

The IMAS toolkit is not a comprehensive collection of all IM & Assessment shelter cluster documents.
Other resources are available through the website, which has thousands of documents, both from the global cluster and country-specific ones.