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Global Humanitarian Response Plan COVID-19: BI-Monthly Highlights (4 June 2020)


The updated Global Humanitarian Response Plan (GHRP) released on 7 May covers 63 countries. The total financial requirements of the updated plan rose to $6.71 billion due to a rapid evolution of humanitarian needs, the inclusion of the additional countries, increased costs of essential health and other supplies, and air and sea transportation. $5.64 billion is required for needs in the 63 countries covered. This includes $3.49 billion for Humanitarian Response Plans countries, nearly $1 billion intended for Regional Refugee Response Plans countries; $439 million for Regional Refugee and Migrant Response Plans countries; $157 million for countries under other plans; and $606 million for the countries under new plans presented in the May update. The remaining $1 billion is to support common humanitarian services.

The next update of the GHRP is expected on 16 July. It will include information on changes in the situation and needs due to the pandemic, as well as progress on the response.

As of 4 June, $1.18 billion (18 per cent of requirements) has been recorded for the GHRP on the Financial Tracking Service (FTS), with another $978.2 million recorded toward other activities,3 bringing the total received for the COVID-19 humanitarian response to $2.14 billion.

This is a three per cent increase since the last update published on 20 May. Some of the funding recorded for the overall COVID-19 emergency may eventually be recorded against the GHRP requirements as more details are received from donors and recipient organizations.

The additional requirements for the COVID-19-related emergency response compound the already significant funding gap for humanitarian response plans globally. As of 31 May, only 15 per cent ($5.50 billion) of the $36.65 billion appealed for in all humanitarian appeals, including the GHRP, had been reported. For the latest figures on GHRP funding and other coordinated response plan funding, please visit the Financial Tracking Service (FTS).


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