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Global Humanitarian Overview 2021, August Update

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Inter-Agency Coordinated Appeals:
August Update




The Global Humanitarian Overview (GHO) for 2021 was launched on 1 December 2020 to help 160 million of the 235 million most vulnerable people who face hunger, conflict, displacement, the impacts of climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic in 56 countries. As of 31 August, adjusted requirements for 42 appeals were $36.5 billion to assist 169 million of the 249 million people in need in 59 countries. Some adjustments to requirements and to the numbers of people in need and to receive assistance have been made since the GHO launch.

This month, requirements grew by $520 million, mainly due to recently published Humanitarian Responses Plans (HRP) for El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, the Haiti Flash Appeal, and increases in the revised Madagascar Flash Appeal. The number of people in need of assistance and the number of people targeted rose by 10.3 million and 6.2 million, respectively, this month. Funding for the 2021 GHO was $11.6 billion or 32 per cent of requirements at the end of August, with significant new funding reported for the three newly published Central America HRPs, DRC, Ethiopia, Somalia, South Sudan, Syria, Yemen and for the Venezuela Regional Refugee Migrant Response Plan. This is a large increase since last month when reported funding was $10 billion. Reported funding is slightly higher than at the end of August last year when funding totaled $11.2 billion or 28 per cent of 2020 requirements. An additional $7.1 billion of humanitarian funding has been reported. This is $1.3 billion higher than the additional funding reported at the same time last year ($4.4 billion). Coverage of the plans in the GHO varies widely. Only five out of forty-two appeals are funded above one half of their requirements. The top five best funded appeals are oPt (70 per cent), South Sudan (56 per cent), Guatemala (52 per cent), Central African Republic (51 per cent), and Yemen (50 per cent). Nineteen appeals are, however, funded below 25 per cent.

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