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Global Humanitarian Overview 2020 Monthly Funding Update - 6 April 2020 [EN/FR/AR]

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“OCHA is determined that its crucial life-saving work is sustained. More than 100 million people already rely on support from the United Nations’ humanitarian agencies. OCHA’s top priority is to ensure that we do the best we can to keep providing life-saving help for those people, while supporting the wider system’s response to COVID-19… resources and capacities [cannot be] diverted from these current life-saving activities.”

– Mark Lowcock, Emergency Relief Coordinator

The Global Humanitarian Overview 2020 published on 4 December 2019 announced funding requirements of $28.8 billion to assist 108.8 million of the 167.6 million people in need in 53 countries. By the start of April, requirements had reached $30.95 billion to assist 117.1 million of the 180.9 million people in need in 57 countries, due to the addition of the Djibouti Flash Appeal in January, the Colombia and Zimbabwe HRPs, the COVID-19 Global Humanitarian Response Plan in March, and the finalization of the needs and requirements in various response plans in February and March, including Burundi, Cameroon and Chad.

As of 6 April, funding for the plans included in the Global Humanitarian Overview had reached $1.97 billion, or 6.2% of total requirements. An additional $3.04 million has been reported for activities outside the Global Humanitarian Overview or is awaiting allocation, bringing the total reported humanitarian funding to $5.01 billion. This amount is $840 million higher when compared to the reported funding at the same time last year.

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