The Global Fund COVID-19 Situation Report #28 - 9 September 2020


Reporting period: 26 August - 8 September

  1. Situation Overview Global cases: 27,205,275 confirmed. Global deaths: 890,392 confirmed. Countries, areas or territories with cases: 216 (as of 8 September, WHO). The Americas carry the highest burden of COVID-19 globally. The WHO South-East Asia Region continued to show the highest increase in new cases in the past week compared to the previous week. In Africa, the rate of new cases has been decreasing in the past one month, but limited testing and spikes in respiratory illnesses raise concerns that COVID-19 could be spreading unnoticed. On the global response, scientists warned misconceptions about weather and seasonality could be misleading and said steroids could be lifesaving. WHO emphasized the crucial role of RSSH to resist the pandemics. The 11 members of the independent panel reviewing the global response (IPPR) were named. Together with South Africa, Norway was chosen to co-chair the Facilitation Council for the ACT-A to be launched on September 10th. The European Commission confirmed its interest to participate in COVAX, joining the 172 countries already engaged. The World Economic Forum is postponed due to COVID-19.

  2. Global Fund COVID-19 Response At a Glance:

  • Countries receiving Global Fund support for COVID-19: 103 countries and 11 multicountry programs
  • Total funds approved to date: US$722.8 million
  • Diagnostic tests procured: 1.7 million diagnostics tests across 73 countries
  • Global Fund fundraising target: US$5 billion over 12 months
  • How countries are using COVID-19 Response Mechanism support:

NEW: Following the recent WHO recommendation, the Global Fund is supporting the use of corticosteroids for COVID-19. Global Fund implementers can include corticosteroids for COVID-COVID-19 Situation Report, 9 September 2020 02 19 in C19RM funding requests and/or may be funded with identified efficiencies of already approved C19RM immediate awards. The new medications can also be accessed through savings and reprogramming of current grants (2017-2019 allocation period).