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Global Emergency Overview Weekly Picks, 23 October 2018


437,000 people have been internally displaced since the beginning of the anglophone crisis in 2016, mainly in Southwest and Northwest regions, but also in the francophone regions of Littoral and West.

Many crisis-affected people fled to the bush where they live in precarious conditions and humanitarian access is difficult.

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Around 12,000 people have been displaced over the past 10 days in the Hiran and Middle Shabelle regions of central Somalia due to intensifying clashes between Al Shabaab and SNA forces, backed by AMISOM.

Families are fleeing from rural areas towards the towns of Jalalaqsi and Bala’d as SNA and AMISOM forces try to capture Al Shabaab held villages.

There are no established IDP camps and local officials have called for assistance to meet the humanitarian needs of the IDPs, which include food and other emergency supplies.

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South Sudan

Inter-communal clashes related to cattle raids displaced 3,000 people in the last month in Labarap county, Boma state. IDPs lack food, shelter and medicine, and need urgent humanitarian assistance.

In Minyori, Yei River state, 800 people were displaced to Yei town and the bushes following clashes between SPLA-IO and NAS forces on 14 October, in which 17 civilians were killed.

In Terekeka state, clashes among cattle tribes resulted in 22 deaths and at least 36 people injured from 8-11 October.

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