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Global Emergency Overview Snapshot, 9 - 14 April 2015

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Snapshot 9–14 April 2015

Afghanistan: Security incidents have spiked in early April, after the announcement that more NATO troops would remain in the country than originally scheduled. NATO convoys were targeted in Nangarhar and Kabul on 10 April. On the same day, five NGO staff were found dead, having been abducted in Uruzgan province in early March.

Kenya: Following Al Shabaab’s attack on Garissa University, Kenyan officials said they had asked UNHCR to repatriate almost 350,000 refugees from Dadaab camp, though UNHCR said it had not received any official request. The Central Bank of Kenya has closed 13 Somali remittance firms based in Nairobi.

Yemen: Fighting continues to escalate. 650 people are reported dead, and nearly 2,000 people have been injured. Airstrikes have hit 18 of 22 governorates. In Aden, electricity and water supplies have been cut for days at a time. Al Dhale’e is inaccessible. Some 30% of armed group fighters are thought to be minors.

Updated: 14/04/2015. Next update: 21/04/2015

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