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Global Emergency Overview Snapshot, 7 - 13 May 2014


South Sudan: Peace negotiations in Addis Ababa have resulted in a ceasefire agreement between South Sudan’s president and the head of the opposition. The number of IDPs in South Sudan stands at 983,000. Following fighting in Upper Nile state, at least 11,000 new South Sudanese refugees have crossed into Ethiopia, bringing the total to 120,000. Altogether, 341,000 South Sudanese refugees are in neighbouring countries.

Syria: Civilians began returning to the Old City of Homs in the wake of a truce that saw armed opposition fighters leave the area. Mass displacement grew in Deir-ez-Zor as infighting between opposition groups intensified, while the battle in Aleppo between government troops and opposition fighters shows no signs of abating.

Afghanistan: The number of flood-affected has risen to over 120,000 people in 85 districts of 16 provinces. Jawzjan, Faryab, Sar-e-Pul, and Balkh provinces are the worst affected. In the 48 hours preceding 11 May, 17 districts in four provinces were newly flooded. Access to some districts has been hampered by damaged roads and insecurity.

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