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Global Emergency Overview Snapshot, 6 - 12 August 2014


Snapshot 6 - 12 August

Central African Republic: The CAR President Catherine Samba-Panza named a Muslim as the new Prime Minister. Renewed clashes have displaced 20,000 people in Batafango (Ouham) since July and 17,000 people in Bambari (Ouaka) since June. A total of 890 security incidents were recorded in 2014, hampering humanitarian access.

South Sudan: Government and opposition failed to reach a peace agreement and to set up a transitional government by 10 August, the deadline established in earlier agreements. Following the killing of at least six aid workers in Maban County Upper Nile State, the UN announced it was evacuating 220 staff and aid workers. The Bentiu PoC site was reportedly affected by flooding, with most of its area submerged, causing further concern over the spread of waterborne diseases.

Iraq: 200,000 people have been displaced from Sinjar District as areas were taken over by IS. New waves of violence in Kirkuk displaced up to 40,000 people. At least 45,000 Iraqis have fled into the Kurdish region of Iraq (KR-I) since 3 August, where an increase in measles cases is reported.

Updated: 12/08/2014. Next update: 19/08/2014

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