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Global Emergency Overview Snapshot, 5 - 11 November 2014


Snapshot 5–11 November

Central African Republic: About 20,000 displaced people are seeking refuge in isolated rural areas in Ouham province following the arrival of armed groups in Boguila, Kouki and Nana Bakassa on 25 October. Nearly 1,000 people have been displaced since July in Bambari following violence in Batobadja and Matchika, and 4,000 have been displaced since January to Berberati town in Mambere province.

Ukraine: Over the night of 30-31 October, Ukraine claimed pro-Russian separatists violated the ceasefire 45 times. However, some IDPs area reportedly returning to opposition-held areas despite insecurity, due to exhausted coping mechanisms and inadequate assistance. Ukrainian authorities have imposed obligatory passport controls on movements in and out of opposition-held areas.

The Gambia: Aggregate cereal production over 2014 is predicted to be 75% lower than in 2013, falling to about 57,000 metric tons. Groundnut, the main cash crop, is predicted to fall 80%. Growing conditions have been poor in several parts of the country, mostly in central and western regions, due to irregular rains at the beginning of the cropping season in May/June, which delayed planting, and subsequent erratic precipitation in July and August. The Ebola epidemic in neighbouring countries is further aggravating food insecurity, as the crisis has affected tourism, a significant source of income (Reuters, 01/10/2014).

Updated: 11/11/2014. Next update: 18/11/2014

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