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Global Emergency Overview Snapshot, 4 - 11 February 2014

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In Syria, violence is ongoing with government bombardments on Aleppo and infighting between rival rebel factions in Deir-ez-Zor and Al-Hasakeh. Between 07-11 February, a temporary ceasefire in the city of Homs allowed for the evacuation of over 1,200 people and the entry of humanitarian convoys into the Old City for the first time in two years. To date, at least 242,000 people are trapped in besieged areas across the country. Meanwhile, the second round of the Geneva II peace talks began, with expectations regarding aid deliveries and the release of prisoners.

In Central African Republic, the security situation remains highly volatile in the capital Bangui and in the northwest, with reports of repeated violence, looting, and clashes between rival factions. At least 2,000 people have been killed in the country since the start of the crisis, including 1,118 since early December 2013. An estimated 838,000 people have been internally displaced, including over 413,000 in Bangui alone, and at least 34,400 people have crossed into neighbouring countries since December 2013.

In South Sudan, the security situation is reportedly improving across most conflict-affected areas, but sporadic clashes continue to be reported in the east. To date, an estimated 868,000 people have been displaced by the crisis, 130,000 of whom have crossed to neighbouring countries such as Uganda and Ethiopia. Meanwhile, the second round of peace talks, which aim to bring about a comprehensive and political agreement between the warring parties, has been delayed.

In Iraq, fighting is ongoing between government troops and Sunni Islamist militants, over a month after violence erupted in Anbar province. While there seems to be no chance of negotiations, authorities have issued a one-week ultimatum for the insurgents to surrender. Fighting in Anbar has displaced at least 266,000 people, and ongoing military operations continue to hamper the delivery of humanitarian assistance.

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