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Global Emergency Overview Snapshot, 3 - 9 September 2014

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Libya: Concern is growing for the increasing number of people affected by crisis since mid-July, as violence persists, rival governments are failing to assure basic services, and most humanitarian organisations have withdrawn.

Ethiopia and Sudan: Outbreaks of hepatitis E have been reported in IDP camps in South Darfur and among South Sudanese refugees in Ethiopia. At Kalma camp in Sudan, 150 people are thought to have died, and 500 more to have been infected over the past two months. 354 cases of jaundice and hepatitis E have been recorded at Leitchuor camp in Ethiopia since late May.

Iraq: The UN planning figures estimate 1.8 million displaced since January, 850,000 of whom are in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Shelter is a major challenges and resources are insufficient for adequate construction of the camps that have been planned. Parliament approved a new Government, while Iraqi security forces launched operations around Haditha city, and Peshmerga forces attacked Islamic State positions northeast of Mosul.

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