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Global Emergency Overview Snapshot, 23 - 30 September 2013

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In Syria, heavy fighting continues between the Government and opposition groups as well as infighting within the opposition. Against this background, the UN Security Council endorsed the Russia-US agreement on the elimination of Syria’s chemical stockpile. There are now over 2.1 million Syrian refugees in neighbouring countries. As of 27 September, heavy shelling is preventing an estimated 70,000 Syrian refugees from crossing into Jordan, leading them to face severe food insecurity as they remain stranded on the border.

Heavier than usual monsoon rains have resulted in floods in large parts of Thailand. As of 30 September, two million people living across 30 of the country’s 77 provinces were affected by ongoing floods.

Typhoon Usagi, that hit China on 21-22 September, has affected almost eight million in Guangdong province as of 24 September. It is reportedly the strongest typhoon to hit the country this year.

In Vietnam, Typhoon Wutip made landfall on the country’s central coast on 30 September. According to authorities, at least 70,000 people were evacuated to shelters along the country’s central coastline, information on the number of affected remains limited.

Renewed fighting between various armed groups in the northwest of the Central African Republic in September has triggered a new massive displacement. As of 24 September, over 170,000 people, half of them children, have reportedly been displaced over the past two weeks in Ouham province. To date, there are almost 395,000 IDPs in the country, nearly double the number reported at the beginning of the month.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, an additional 120,000 people were displaced following clashes since mid-September between government troops and armed groups in Walendu Bindi in Orientale province. The fighting is a continuation of violence that flared up in the area in August.

In Paraguay, the Chaco region, stretching from the north to the west of the country, is experiencing a severe drought that reportedly affects an estimated 75,000 people, mostly across the departments of Presidente Hayes, Boquerón and Alto Paraguay. A local severe storm that hit the country on 21-22 September affected an estimated 70,000 in the Central, Cordillera, Caaguazú, and San Pedro departments.

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