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Global Emergency Overview Snapshot, 23 - 29 September 2015

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El Salvador: More than 100,000 farmers are estimated to be affected by crop losses due to a prolonged dry-spell. Up to 60% of the total maize crop has been lost in the affected areas. An estimated 156,000 people are facing Crisis (IPC Phase 3) food security outcomes, mainly in eastern and western regions.

Afghanistan: Taliban forces have stormed and taken control of most of the city of Kunduz – the first major city to fall to the Taliban since the beginning of the war. Large numbers of wounded have been reported. In Nangarhar, hundreds of fighters reportedly belonging to Islamic State attacked security forces at a checkpoint.

Central African Republic: An escalation of violence in Bangui has led to the deaths of more than 20 people and injured 100. Protests against the government and UN peacekeepers have been taking place near the presidental palace. The increase in tensions is affecting movement in the city.

Updated: 29/09/2015. Next update 06/10/2015.

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