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Global Emergency Overview Snapshot, 22 - 29 July 2014

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Snapshot 22-29 July 2014

oPt: 1,067 are reported killed in Gaza since the beginning of Operation Protective Edge. 215,000 people have been displaced, and shelter conditions are a major concern. Damage to critical infrastructure, including the only power station in Gaza and health facilities, is heavily restricting access to basic services. Insecurity is also impeding humanitarian access.

Syria: Islamic State launched multiple attacks on government positions across northern and northeastern Syria in its first large-scale coordinated assault. An increasing number of injuries – averaging 25,000 injuries each month - combined with the severe shortages in surgical supplies are rendering functioning hospitals unable to cope with the demand for surgical treatment.

Nigeria: The frequency and fatality of attacks are currently at their highest levels since the state of emergency (SoE) was imposed. Four attacks took place in Kano city, and two in Kaduna. Ebola was confirmed as the cause of death of a Liberian man in Lagos, the largest city in sub-Saharan Africa.

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