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Global Emergency Overview Snapshot, 22 - 28 October 2014


Central African Republic: In Ouaka prefecture, fighting among rival militias persists. Attacks on a number locations, including Bambari, have left dozens of people dead, and civilians have been executed. 3,000 people remain displaced from Bangui after violence began in the middle of the month.

Yemen: Fierce clashes in Rada town have killed 250 people over the past few days. Houthis are fighting Qifa tribe members and Al Qaeda. The Houthis have announced that they will not be part of the new Government, relinquishing Houthi positions to representatives of the South. 33 southern members of parliament have formed a new bloc in support of the growing protest camp set up in Aden, which is demanding secession.

Nigeria: Despite reports of a truce between Boko Haram and the Government, violence is continuing. The military took a town back from BH in Borno state, and Boko Haram attacked several more villages, kidnapping at least 90 people in three separate incidents. Over 4,000 civilians have been killed in the conflict so far in 2014.

Updated: 28/10/2014. Next update: 04/11/2014

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