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Global Emergency Overview Snapshot, 2 - 8 December 2015

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Snapshot 2-8 December 2015

Jordan: 11,400 Syrian asylum seekers are currently stranded at the border with Jordan, after a recent surge in violence has driven new displacement, doubling the number at the border since October. They face urgent humanitarian and protection needs. The Jordanian Government has increasingly restricted movement across the border since 2013.

Sudan: In East Jebel Marra 4,700 people – mostly women and children - have been displaced after militia groups attacked a number of villages. Most people fled towards the town of Tabit and are in need of shelter, food, medicine and blankets. In Central Darfur’s Um Dukhun locality, 24,000 returnees have arrived from Chad since June, after the Chadian government demanded that refugees either move into camps or return to Sudan.

Chad: On 5 December, a triple suicide attack hit a market on the Lake Chad island of Loulou Fou, killing up to 30 people and wounding as many as 200. Communities around the Lake have faced growing insecurity as the frequency and intensity of Boko Haram’s attacks on civilians has increased. At least 53,000 have been internally displaced since July. Military operations and the declaration of a state of emergency on 9 November have failed to arrest the ongoing violence.

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