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Global Emergency Overview Snapshot, 18 - 25 February 2014


Syria: Violence is ongoing across the country, with further government bombardments in the southeastern governorates of Damascus and Dara’a. To date, an estimated 2.5 million people have crossed into neighbouring countries, while 6.5 million are now internally displaced. In a separate development, the UN Security Council adopted a non-binding resolution to boost humanitarian access to Syria as increasing security incidents at the Turkish border threaten to compromise access to the north of the country.

Iraq: Fighting between government troops and Sunni Islamist militants in Anbar province is ongoing and spreading to the central-southern and northern regions. The clashes have displaced over 430,000 people internally, while thousands remain in siege-like conditions in rebel-held towns where humanitarian access is heavily curtailed. Despite a three-day pause in military operations, imposed by the authorities, violence has reignited and expectations are low regarding the possibility of negotiations between the Iraqi government and the insurgents.

Nigeria: Ongoing attacks by Boko Haram Islamist insurgents continue to constrain access to the northeast of the country and to triggered further population displacement. To date, over 470,000 people are now displaced across the country – more than half of them originating from the three northeast states currently under a State of Emergency. Meanwhile, Nigeria closed its border with Cameroon’s Far North Region due to concerns about cross-border insurgent movement and the flow of weapons into the area.

Pakistan: As the peace talks between the Governement and the Taliban continue to falter, the Pakistani military launched a large-scale operation against militants’ strongholds in North Waziristan along the country’s tribal belt bordering Afghanistan. Daily airstrikes are currently being reported from the area, with at least 120 militants killed, according to security sources. Access to the area remains heavily curtailed and no information is available on possible civilian casualties and numbers of displaced.

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