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Global Emergency Overview Snapshot, 16 - 22 March 2016


Snapshot 16 – 22 March

Somalia: On 15 March Al Shabaab moved into Puntland and seized control of Garad, a port town. In the following days Al Shabaab captured another coastal town in Nugaal region and attacked a security checkpoint near Bosaso. Most of the residents are reported to have fled the area. Al Shabaab has previously been active in Puntland, but generally around its base of the Galgala Mountains, west of Bosaso, and it has not attempted to take territory.

Turkey: Humanitarian organisations have major protection concerns for migrants and refugees after the controversial deal between Turkey and the EU. Under the agreement, all refugees arriving irregularly in Greece from 20 March will be returned to Turkey. Thousands of people may be returned, and the risk of refoulement is high.

Syria: Fighting between Syrian Democratic Forces and Islamic State since mid-February has displaced nearly 20,000 people in Al Hasakeh governorate

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Updated: 22/03/2016. Due to Easter break, next week's GEO will be published on Wednesday 30/03/2016

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