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Global Emergency Overview Snapshot, 15 - 22 July 2013

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In Syria, despite the start of the Holy Month of Ramadan on 9 July, large-scale operations have been ongoing in several major cities, including Damascus, Homs, Aleppo, and Idlib with regime forces pushing to extend the gains obtained over the past weeks with support of the Lebanese Hezbollah fighters. Infighting within opposition forces has escalated in recent days with clashes reported between various Islamist and more moderate groups, notably between Kurdish fighters and al-Qaeda affiliated Islamists near the border with Turkey in Al-Hassakeh governorate. As of 18 July, over 1.8 million Syrian refugees have been registered in neighbouring countries according to the UNHCR.

In India, the death toll from the floods that hit in Uttarakhand State in mid-June is estimated to be up to 6,000 people as of mid-July. New heavy rains are expected in different parts of India, including in Uttarakhand State. Against this background, some humanitaian organizations are concerned that the affected communities are likely to face acute food insecurity in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, protesters and government troops clashed in Indian-administered Kashmir.

In South Sudan, inter-tribal fighting coupled with clashes between governement forces and insurgents has been raging in Pibor county in Jonglei state since mid-July amid alleged massive human-rights abuses commited by all beligerants. As reported by humanitarian actors, some 120,000 civilians have been displaced as a result of the recent surge in violence and are in urgent need of assistance. To date, and although aid agencies managed to reach Pibor county for the first time this year last week, access to the area remains severly constrained. Tensions over oil remain ongoing between Juba and Khartoum.

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