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Global Emergency Overview Snapshot, 13 - 20 May 2014

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South Sudan: A cholera outbreak was reported in Juba, with 43 suspected cases and two deaths recorded. Displacement figures have climbed to 1,005,000 IDPs and 310,000 refugees in neighbouring countries. Juba and the South Sudan Democratic Movement/Army – Cobra Faction signed a peace agreement over conflict in the Greater Pibor area.

Iraq: 6,000 people fled the Iraqi military’s shelling of Fallujah over 6–16 May. The Iraqi Government has denied using barrel bombs, but residents keep describing what appear to be such devices.

Cameroon: An estimated 100,000 people from CAR have arrived in East and Adamawa regions since December 2013, while 15,000 Nigerians are seeking refuge in Far North region. This influx is putting pressure on limited resources: an estimated 186,000 children, including refugees, are expected to require lifesaving care in 2014.

Syria: Syrian Government forces launched an offensive in a bid to take back the hills connecting opposition positions in Dar’a and Quneitra. Physicians for Human Rights have reported 191 deaths caused directly by the denial of access to medical assistance, and 468 medical personnel killed since the beginning of the conflict.

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