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Global Emergency Overview Snapshot, 12 - 18 August 2015


Snapshot 12 August –18 August 2015

Yemen: The humanitarian situation in Yemen continues to deteriorate. 1.4 million people have become displaced since conflict escalated in March – a 12% increase since early July. Fuel shortages and access issues continue to affect provision of health services. 23% of Yemen’s health facilities are either partially funtional or non-functional.

Iraq: The security situation continues to deteriorate. Of the 3.17 million IDPs, 16% have been displaced since April. Many are stranded in conflict areas such as Ramadi and Falluja in Anbar and face access restrictions into neighbouring governorates. 8.6 million people are in urgent need of aid overall and 5 million are estimated to live in hard to reach IS-held areas.

Niger: A new assessment finds 2.7 million people severely food insecure during the June–September lean season in Niger, corresponding to 15% of the Nigerien population and indicating a severe humanitarian crisis. Population displacement in Diffa region and current flooding in central and southern Niger, affecting 20,000, also impact food security levels in the long-term.

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