Global Emergency Overview Snapshot, 11 - 18 March 2014

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Syria: Tensions continue to run high across the country, with Government forces retaking control of a key rebel supply route in the southwest, and insurgents from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) moving eastward after months of infighting between rival opposition groups in the northwest. Over nine million people have been uprooted from their home since the start of the crisis three years ago, and the international community continues to push for humanitarian access in conflict-affected areas, notably in the northeast of the country.

Sudan: Renewed clashes between rebel groups, militias, and the Sudanese army in the Darfur region have caused the displacement of an estimated 120,000 people since late February. One person was killed and over 100 people were arrested following peace demonstrations in Khartoum. Thousands of protesters reportedly demonstrated against renewed violence in the Darfur and South Kordofan regions.

South Sudan: Renewed violence in the northeastern states is causing further displacement and insecurity continues to constrain humanitarian access. An estimated 931,000 people have now been displaced since mid-December, 222,000 of whom have crossed to neighbouring countries. Meanwhile, the Government approved the deployment of an East African force to support the existing 10,000-strong UN peacekeeping force. The regional contingent will be tasked with the protection of oil fields in the northeast, in areas which are considered rebel strongholds.

Mauritania: Lingering effects of the 2012 food crisis combined with chronic poverty have resulted in high levels of vulnerability. Nearly 800,000 people, a fifth of the total population, are considered food insecure. Additionally, half of the country records malnutrition rates above the emergency threshold, and humanitarian partners indicate that a third of the country’s population requires humanitarian assistance.

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