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Global Emergency Overview Snapshot, 11 - 18 February 2013


In Syria, insurgents heightened their offensive to capture airports and air bases in Aleppo, leading to intense fighting across the province. In eastern Syria, rebels captured the town al-Shaddadeh after three days of fighting that left 130 people dead and forced some 40,000 people to flee the town. The number of Syrian refugees continued to rise, amounting to a total of 830,675, an increase of around 38,500 newly registered refugees or individuals awaiting registration in a week.

French and Malian troops continued efforts to secure Gao and its surroundings in northern Mali. Although humanitarian access in central regions and parts of the north continues to improve and aid is increasing in the accessible parts, security remains a serious threat in parts of the north due to the on-going military operations, threat of mines by armed groups, recent intra-military clashes and suicide bombings.
Torrential rains in Peru have caused floods and landslides in the Arequipa province in southern Peru, affecting some 48,000 people. Nationwide, some 91,128 people have been affected by floods and landslides since the start of the rainy season in October 2012.

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