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Global Emergency Overview Snapshot, 11 - 17 November 2015

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Yemen: 14.4 million people are now food insecure: two million more than in June and four million more than before the escalation of conflict in March. 7.6 million people are severely food insecure. Heavy fighting continues, in particular in Al Dhalee and Taizz governorates. Peace talks between Houthi and government representatives, which were expected to begin mid-November, are yet to take place.

Burundi: Around 700,000 people are now estimated to face severe food insecurity – 7% of the country’s population. Over 217,000 refugees have fled political violence and insecurity in the country since April, and approximately 15,000 people have been internally displaced. In addition, heavy rains have triggered landslides in recent weeks and heightened the risk of disease outbreaks. Widespread international condemnation of human rights violations is yet to trigger political dialogue.

DRC: Floods hit Maniema and Tshopo provinces. 16,000 people have been displaced along the Congo River and its tributaries in Tshopo, and another 3,600 people have left their homes in Kindu. Both provinces are affected by a cholera outbreak and there is a concern that deteriorating WASH conditions due to floods will facilitate the spread of the disease.

Updated: 17/11/2015. Next update: 24/11/2015

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