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Global Emergency Overview Snapshot, 10 - 17 December 2014

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Snapshot 10–16 December

Iraq: 700,000 IDPs, mostly in Dahuk and Anbar governorates, are living in shelters that are not adapted for winter temperatures. 945,000 IDPs are in dire need of kerosene for heating.

Afghanistan: Kabul has been hit by at least 12 suicide attacks since early November, with more attacks also carried out elsewhere, fuelling concerns about the protection of civilians.

Philippines: 3.8 million people across nine regions have been affected by Typhoon Hagupit. Nearly 157,000 are in evacuation centres, 38,000 homes have been destroyed. Emergency preparedness helped mitigate the impact of the typhoon.

Updated: 16/12/2014. Next update: 06/01/2015

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