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Global Emergency Overview Snapshot, 1 - 8 July 2013

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In Syria, the regime’s offensive on Homs governorate and city is on-going with artillery and air strikes being reported. An estimated, 2,500 and 4,000 civilians are allegedly trapped in and around the city. Meanwhile, the number of Syrian refugees in neighboring countries continues to increase and is now approaching 1.75 million people according to UNHCR.

A 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck southwest of Bener Meriah District, Aceh province in western Indonesia. According to local authorities, at least 22,125 people took refuge at emergency shelters while the earthquake also destroyed an estimated 15,919 houses and 623 public facilities. Information about the actual number of affected is still lacking.

Assam State, in northeastern India, was hit by new floods while the State Government declared a red alert across 4 districts and directed the administration to evacuate people. According to local estimates, some 27,000 people have been affected so far while new heavy rainfall hit the State later during the week. Meanwhile, as of 4 July, 580 people have been confirmed dead after floods hit the State of Uttarakhand in late June. According to local sources, up to 3,000 people remain missing. Overall, the disaster has affected approximately 500,000 people across 13 districts. Over 100,000 people have been displaced from their homes and around 10,000 people have been injured.

The serious deterioration of the security situation in Borno State in neighbouring Nigeria has resulted in a significant influx of refugees into Cameroon’s Far North Region since 10 June. The number of arrivals is uncertain, with statements by national and local authorities indicating between 4,000 to 20,000 newly arrivals. The refugee influx could strain the capacity of the already extremely vulnerable Far North and North regions, where some 350,000 people are estimated to be food insecure.

Tensions continue to run high between South Sudan and Sudan. Last week, Juba allegedly accused Khartoum of launching two separate attacks with planes and land troops on areas near their common disputed border, notably hitting Unity State. To date, little information is available. In addition, wide-spread tribal fighting was reported in Darfur region over last week with notably clashes occurring in Nyala, one of Sudan’s biggest cities and also an area hosting large number of displaced. During the clashes, two aid workers from an international aid organization were killed.
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