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Global Emergency Overview Snapshot, 1 - 8 April 2014

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Syria: Violence continues in and around Damascus, with government shelling and retaliation attacks from opposition fighters. Armed confrontations are also reported in the northwest, near the Syria–Turkey border, including in Lattakia where heavy fighting has continued for two weeks. To date, over nine million people are in need of assistance, and more than 2.6 million have fled the country. In late March, successful negotiations allowed food distribution to four million people. This was the first dispatch to all provinces for six months.

Sudan: Airstrikes and ground attacks by government forces and pro-government militias continue to be reported in Darfur following a surge in rebel attacks. In late March, over 100 villages were razed in South Darfur, and clashes in the region have caused the displacement of over 200,000 people since January. Local sources have reported dozens of civilians killed.

Solomon Islands: Tropical Cyclone Ita caused heavy rain and triggered severe flooding across the archipelago, affecting over 50,000 people – a tenth of the population – mostly in Guadalcanal province. To date, local authorities have reported 23 deaths and 30 people missing. Overcrowded evacuation centres and water contamination are raising fears of disease outbreaks. Other affected communities are reported to be in remote areas and islands that are difficult to reach.

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