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Global Emergency Overview Snapshot, 1 - 7 October 2014

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Ebola in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone: At 1 October, the total cumulative number of reported Ebola cases across the three countries had reached 7,470, including 3,431 deaths. However, the Centers for Disease Control estimates that only 40% of cases are being reported in Liberia and Sierra Leone. Social tensions and insecurity are growing. Many of the 3,700 children who have lost parents to Ebola are being rejected out of fear of infection.

Nigeria: The national emergency agency estimates 1.5 million people are displaced in the northeast, almost triple the 647,000 estimated in a May assessment. IDPs are in urgent need of assistance. More than 150,000 have fled to neighbouring countries, with 27,000 people crossing into Niger over August and September alone.

Afghanistan: 200,000 people have crossed into Afghanistan from Pakistan since June. September saw more refugees arriving at remote locations, where communities are stretched beyond capacity. Food, health, WASH, and shelter are all urgently needed. In addition, the number of IDPs is rising: 702,000 people are estimated displaced across Afghanistan.

Updated: 07/10/2014. Next update: 14/10/2014

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