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Global Emergency Overview Snapshot, 1 - 7 July 2015

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Snapshot 1–7 July 2015

Syria: Civilian deaths made up 81% of the total death toll in June, which was 2,137, bringing the total number of people killed so far in 2015 to 11,000. 705,000 people have been displaced in the first five months of this year: 439,000 were internally displaced, and the vast majority of the rest fled to Turkey.

Liberia: Two confirmed cases and one suspected case of Ebola have been reported since 29 June. Nearly 200 contacts are being traced from the first case. Liberia had been declared Ebola-free on 9 May. Sierra Leone and Guinea continue to report several cases each week.

Iraq: IS has intensified attacks in northern and western Iraq since June, especially in Anbar, Kirkuk, and Salah al Din. More than 20,400 people were displaced in Salah al Din 14–27 June. Measles cases in Iraq have almost doubled in 2015 compared to the same period in 2014, to reach 949 cases.

Nigeria: Boko Haram attacks on villages in Borno state killed around 200 people in the first three days of July. Another 50 people were killed in Jos. Humanitarian access in the northeast is deteriorating and 27% of registered IDPs are not receiving any assistance.

Updated: 07/07/2015. Next update 14/07/2015.

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