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Global Emergency Overview Snapshot, 2 - 9 September 2013


Snapshot 02 – 09 September

In Syria, fighting has intensified in Damascus and Rural Damascus, Al-Hasakeh, Aleppo and Idleb where Government forces have gained control over the strategic northern town of Ariha. Meanwhile, the international community is currently awaiting the publication of the UN investigating team’s report on the alleged chemical attacks on 21 August. At present, the international community remains deeply divided over the possibility of conducting limited air strikes against the Syrian regime. As of early September, the total number of Syrian refugees in neighbouring countries has passed the 2 million people threshold.

Torrential rains have triggered flash floods in several parts of Yemen since mid-August. The recent storms and heavy rainfall caused flooding across 21 districts of eight governorates, affecting over 23,500, as of 4 September.

Heavy rains and floods have affected parts of South Sudan. As of early September, 27,000 people accross five states needed assistance following flooding. Over 17,000 of them were in Warrap state. Because of logictical constraints that hindered assessements in affected districts, the actual overall number of people affected may be significantly higher. Meanwhile, during a summit in Khartoum, South Sudan and Sudan seem to have finally agreed to resolve the dispute over oil export that has jeopardized bilateral relations since June.

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